How to access AOS, AFO, RRF and WOS Journals

Members of ornithological societies have online access to journals published by the societies to which they belong.  Recently, the process has changed for accessing journals on BioOne (Auk, Condor, Journal of Raptor Research and Wilson Journal of Ornithology).  Now (unless you are logging in through your university’s library portal) you must use the  Member Portal to gain access to recent articles that are not Open Access.  This process is different than previously, when your BioOne account provided confirmation of your membership.  You can still have a BioOne account for Table of Contents alerts, etc., but you must use the Member Portal to obtain access to articles that are not Open Access.

Guidelines for online access for members are available for all journals on several platforms, including BioOne.  If you have questions about online access, contact Chris Mulvaney for AOS at cmulvaney at or Scott Gillihan for AFO, RRF and WOS at ornithologymembers at

Go to guidelines for each society: